E-ink Phone

These days when it comes to our phones, we probably use it less as a phone and more as a multimedia tool. In the beginning, brands added more applications and more functions as their selling point. Then after, it’s been upgrades in quality: better speaker, bigger screen, flashier operating systems…and now, all that’s left to improve is the battery and the price.

As long as there is no other reasonable solution for increasing battery life or affordability we believe there is room for an E-ink smartphone device.

A device that lasts a month on one charge, is affordable and does 100% what we all need on a daily basis. Of course, there are limitations, but do we really need, flappy birds or flying pigs? Studies showed we only use a tiny amount of our apps, the rest is apparently all wishful thinking.

We think a telephone which is cheap to make can appeal to those consumers who prefer basic functionality and style over an overload of choice and colors.

E-ink displays lack glare, and tout energy consumption.

We decided that we can approach this problem by turning the disadvantages into positive elements: black and white photo’s instead of color can come with an Illford filter to become the Instagram of black and white.

Like a real SLR camera you can’t see what you actually photograph as the shutter blocks the view. And with a slow refresh rate we use Stop motion Gifs over fluid 24p video. This way the sacrifices become stylistic features. That’s why we designed the body with a wink to the classic 35mm photo camera’s, but with still a foot in in the now.

Simplicity and functionality become clarity and style.

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