For inFlight caterer deSter we developed this concept for inflight Dinner Ware for Jet Blue. Jet Blue being a New York born and raised company asked for dinnerware with a New York Feel to it.

New York is a city rich in diversity. This applies to the people & culture as well as physical aspects like building styles. Nevertheless the city and it’s inhabitants are an unity. This aspect is the starting point for our Jet Blue inflight dinner ware collection. Individually unique elements that together form an exeptional experience largely because of it’s diversity.

By using existing elements of the New York city landscape, patterns, colors, shapes we want to bring the New York feel to the tray-table. Every element will get a different design, pattern, tactility but with the right color and shape combination will feel like a whole.Next to an aesthetically pleasing design, this gives great opportunities to expand, add and or change elements in the future without affecting the look and feel.


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