Kikkerland Design 2017

FormNation has been a major contributor to the success of Kikkerland Design.
We provided yearly trend reports focussed on lifestyle as well as dedicated giftware trends focussed on the Kikkerland assortment.
We developed new designs from the ground up with major successes like our owl lens case (2.8+ mil. units sold, not counting the numerous copies from China). owlet kitchen time (1.8+ mil. units sold), copper bottle opener (700k+ units sold)
We redesigned sourced items, and engineered other designers designs. All to a point that almost 50% of the catalog was directly or indirectly from our hand.
For all big box players we developed design ideas for their CLR’s and other demands.
The last years we were an important part of the sourcing endeavors, with a major part of the latest lookbook coming from our sourcing picks.
Last but not least was the integral art direction of the catalog, photography and design and merchandising plans of all trade show booths.

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