New Dutch Wave

FormNation, a Dutch design firm based in New York City, will be at the South by South West festival (SXSW) as a design partner for the New Dutch Wave, a consortium of Dutch start ups. New Dutch Wave commissioned FormNation to design their physical appearance in the form of a trade show booth and activation locations. 

The New Dutch Wave booth consists of a stack of shapes and elements in different materials and textures. The visual language of these shapes as well as the color palette is clear and simple, in contrast to the relationship they have to each other, which is more chaotic. The presence of these two characteristics, clarity and chaos, creates a tention which represents the different group of start ups and partners. Unity through differentiation.

This booth functions as a Dutch pavilion for innovation with the next generation of technology and startups on display. Through the use of graphic elements in black and white, FormNation created a canvas that was both fun and avant-garde to get this message across.

New Dutch Wave/Wink

Photo credits
Nick Helderman

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