No Barriers

As you may know, we at FormNation are based in New York City. When this administration asked architects and designers to design a wall, this not only greatly insulted the people in Mexico but as well as the integrity of each and every designer.

As creatives, one of our core values is freedom. The freedom to think different, the creative freedom we need to excel, to thrive, to create beauty and to invite others to see the world from a different perspective.

It is therefore a huge affront to want us to design limitations. An ugly border even if you build it from gold.

Sadly these prejudiced and fearful views is nothing new to this world; and I was unfortunately reminded that for these same reasons that many years ago I designed a statement against borders in this clover flower barbed wire concept… I wanted to take away the sharp spikes and replace it with something more beautiful.

Creative people are all about breaking barriers, not creating them.

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