Tangible Tweets

We designed a playful, interactive installation on behalf of Dutch Culture USA, unveiled at Wanted Design NYC in May 2015. 

Tangible Tweets is an installation meant to be both analog and digital, physically interactive and virtual, and to put the “social” back in social media, quite literally. Tangible Tweets served as the site of an analog game inspired by social media, a gathering place for visitors, and also as the information hub for all Dutch design events that will take place across New York City during NYCxDESIGN 2015.

In response to the irony of social networking platforms simultaneously bringing people together and isolating people from one another, we invited visitors, individually or in groups, to build their statements physically with the help of large lightweight styrofoam letters. On completion, each message was photographed from overhead with a press of a button and immediately uploaded to a Twitter live feed.

The digital message becomes the result of the face-to-face interaction.
With this project, the experimentation itself is the design, while the end product becomes merely a documentation of the experiment.


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