Zwaluw Barbecue

Zwaluw is a well-known brand for barbecue supplies in The Netherlands. They approached us to design some concepts for an actual grill. 

We considered that wine, coffee, whiskey connoisseurs and foodies are very common nowadays.
Therefore high-end barbecuing with the right coals and wood chips is something we can and should introduce to those that want to taste great food. We looked at the way Nespresso made quality coffee available for the higher income group, and shortly afterward, the trend followers.
Nespresso did this by having a range of quality flavors readily available in single servings and pairing them with expensive, quality aItalian designed machines wich are easy to operate.

We mimic this concept into the barbecue world with the introduction of the Smokebox. The Smokebox is what the capsule is for Nespresso. The right mix of coals and wood chips. Different flavors – Mesquite, Apple Wood and Hickory Wood, for example. All in an easy to light up box that only fits in our barbecue. It is simple to use, and simple to dispose of. Light up the top, close the lid and start smoking your food to perfection.

We also designed the Sputnik as a concept barbecue with an emphasis on style.

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