Your On-Demand Chief Creative Officer

We know startups and small businesses have their own challenges, and we’re here to help with solutions that really resonate with your audience.
We want to be a part of your journey and make sure we’re on the same page. No cookie-cutter solutions here – we customize our services to fit your unique needs and help you stand out in your market. From branding to identity, packaging to product design, UI, and more, our approach encapsulates all facets of your brand’s creative needs, offering a cohesive and consistent narrative.

Why Formnation

Tailored Design Solutions:

Our design solutions are meticulously tailored to echo the unique spirit of your brand, guaranteeing a standout presence in your market. Instead of imposing our signature style, we prioritize delivering precisely what your clientele desires.

Comprehensive Product Mastery:

We master the full spectrum of the product lifecycle. Starting from the birth of an idea, advancing through branding, packaging design, UI, and manufacturing, and culminating at the point-of-sale and store aesthetics. This continuum offers the rare advantage of entrusting your design vision to a team deeply attuned to your brand's essence.

Global Expertise, Personal Touch:

FormNation has a presence across the globe, offering diverse and contemporary insights. However, our commitment is selectively dedicated, ensuring you always receive focused and unparalleled attention.

Specialized in Startups and Small Businesses:

We understand the nuances, challenges, and opportunities of startups and small businesses. Our solutions are fine-tuned to cater to these unique dynamics, propelling your brand to its fullest potential.

Proven Excellence in Design:

Our design expertise is both vast and acclaimed. From crafting mass-market products and designing high-end cigars for CAO to creating the iconic chair that graces many a Dutch home and giftware items selling in their millions, FormNation's influence is evident across a range of brands, both big and small. Our accomplishments have consistently captured the attention of prominent media outlets, led to numerous accolades and awards, and as a testament to our timeless design sensibility, several prestigious museums have incorporated our creations into their permanent collections.

Our Work


Incepted 15 years ago in New York City by visionary Dutch Designer Jan Habraken, FormNation is more than just a design firm—it’s the catalyst transforming companies into successful brands and abstract ideas into tangible products. Rooted in deep collaborations with Fortune 500 leaders and spirited startups, our forte lies in bolstering small brands, particularly within the beauty and haircare sectors where our track record speaks volumes. Our expertise spans from crafting unique 2D identities to sculpting exquisite 3D designs. But we’re not just designers. Consider us the Chief Creative Officer you haven’t onboarded yet, adept at startup strategizing, pitch deck curating, and masterminding holistic branding solutions. Anchored between the creative hubs of New York and Bali, FormNation operates as your global, boundary-free partner.


We have worked with a vast amount of clients. Fortune 500 or Startup. Adidas, NASDAQ, CAO cigars, Swedish Match, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Karma, VTS, The Funding, Buyamia, BizIn, Kikkerland, Bobino, Sanirizer, AsIAm, Uberliss, Joon, KERARX, DRNXMYTH, New Venture Theories, Slice to name a few. Please find some testimonials from our great clients.

Jan was and still is a very dedicated person on who you can build and trust. We worked with a lot of fun together but always keeping the goal of a maximum of sales.

Stijn Elbersen - Swedish Match

I have been working with FormNation for years. FormNation is by far the most talented designteam I have ever had the pleasure to work with. FormNation is highly strategic in his approach and connects all design decisions to brand positioning. Balance, contrast, emphasis, proportion, hierarchy, repetition, rhythm, pattern, white space, movement, variety, unity.. Jan encapsulates all of these elements in his work. FormNation has the utmost taste but can also deliver on a range of different look and feels, most designer are a bit of a one trick pony … but not FormNation. FormNatione has a wide vision that he can execute on for any project. Renders, logos, typography, graphics, layouts, labels.. there’s nothing he can’t do.. and make it look top notch to boot. FormNatione is extremely fast and efficient, I’m consistently blown away by the sheer quality of their work and the speed. Truly truly impressive. Aside from all of this, FormNation is an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely understanding and a top communicator.

Brandon Schwartz - Co-Founder and CCM DRNXMYTH

I was familiar with FormNation’s reputation as a designteam for years, and I was fortunate to have been introduced to them in 2018 by a mutual friend. From the start, we clicked in many ways and began working together developing products for Bobino and another start up. FormNation is a very good designteam, particularly good at visualization of an idea or concept. But what makes FormNation truly unique are is very broad skills and knowledge and FormNation ability to work quickly to find solutions and keep trying until it works. Next to skills and talents are their ability to research and learn; this is a huge advantage. And finally FormNation doesn’t have a huge ego that gets in the way; instead he works with teammates or his client to make the best possible result. And one more important thing. FormNation is commercially oriented. He understands business and everything that goes with it. This is very unique for a designer.

Henry Sanderson - CEO Bobino

We are in the midst of launching our company VESCENSE. FormNations industrial design and brand expertise has been instrumental both in terms of packaging design and overall brand direction. Becasue of their broad operating experience, FormNation is able to see the forrest for the trees by focusing on practical yet elegant design that appeals to our client base. Having FormNation on the team will drive value for any company fortunate enough to work with him.

Lyon Kassab - Bothnia Consulting

Working with FormNation for the past decade been a pleasure. I’ve seen their creativity and innovation shape our products and packaging at Avlon. FormNation thrives under pressure, delivering quality work even under tight deadlines, never compromising on aesthetics or functionality. Beyond his design prowess, FormNation’s problem-solving ability stands out – FormNationdesigns not just for beauty, but for practicality, user experience, and sustainability. Their passion and dedication are contagious, inspiring us all to think about the boundless possibilities that exist in the universe. Any project or team will greatly benefit from FormNation’s talent, commitment, and innovative spirit.

Hasan Syed - Preseident Avlon / Salon Commodities