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We turn ideas into products and companies into brands. FormNation specializes in helping small businesses cover their creative needs. All the way from developing your brand identity to delivering stunning industrial design. We are your forward-thinking creative partner when you don’t have one in house.

Our strength is a 360 degree approach to creative. You see, we are more than just designers. We understand the start-up and entrepreneurial world inside and out, taking your whole business into account.

No matter your creative needs, we can help you. From Pitch Deck to Packaging or Industrial Design and inbetween. We’ve got you.

So now we are curious, how can we help you?!


FormNation was founded 15 years ago in the City of New York by Dutch Designer Jan Habraken. Prior to that he had worked on numerous international projects to create and launch products and brands from start to finish, from sourcing to store design, for Fortune 500 and early stage companies or individuals. His experience and accomplishments over the years turned him into a prime generalist with exceptional knowledge on how to make a product successful. ByNow running the company as a distributed company with flexible employees in various time zones, it allows 100 % flexibility to any client across the globe. We take pride in our deep understanding of the entrepreneurship and start-up landscape. We have been there ourselves, built apps, decks, products and raised money. Working day and night. Whether you are Bootstrapped or VC, we can help you and work together.


We have succesfully worked with a vast number of international clients from. Fortune 500 toor Startup, Adidas, NASDAQ, CAO Cigars, Swedish Match, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Karma, VTS, The Funding, Buyamia, BizIn, Kikkerland, Bobino, Sanirizer, As I Am, Uberliss, Joon, KERARX, DRNXMYTH, New Venture Theories, Slice to name a few. Please find testimonials from some of our amazing clients below.

Jan was and still is a very dedicated person on who you can build and trust. We worked with a lot of fun together but always keeping the goal of a maximum of sales.
Stijn Elbersen – Marketing Director Swedish Match

I have been working with Jan for years. He is by far the most talented designer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is highly strategic in his approach and connects all design decisions to brand positioning. Balance, contrast, emphasis, proportion, hierarchy, repetition, rhythm, pattern, white space, movement, variety, unity.. Jan encapsulates all of these elements in his work. He has the utmost taste but can also deliver on a range of different look and feels, most designer are a bit of a one trick pony … but not Jan. He has a wide vision that he can execute on for any project. Renders, logos, typography, graphics, layouts, labels.. there’s nothing he can’t do.. and make it look top notch to boot. He is extremely fast and efficient, I’m consistently blown away by the sheer quality of his work and the speed. Truly truly impressive. Aside from all of this, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely understanding and a top communicator.
Brandon Schwartz – President of DRNXMYTH

I was familiar with Jan’s reputation as a designer for years, and I was fortunate to have been introduced to him in 2018 by a mutual friend. From the start, we clicked in many ways and began working together developing products for Bobino and another start up. Jan is a very good designer, particularly good at visualization of an idea or concept. But what makes him truly unique are is very broad skills and knowledge and his ability to work quickly to find solutions and keep trying until it works. Next to his skills and talents are his ability to research and learn; this is a huge advantage. And finally Jan doesn’t have a huge ego that gets in the way; instead he works with teammates or his client to make the best possible result. And one more important thing. Jan is commercially oriented. He understands business and everything that goes with it. This is very unique for a designer.
Henry Sanderson – Founder Bobino

We are in the midst of launching our company VESCENSE. Jan’s industrial design and brand expertise has been instrumental both in terms of packaging design and overall brand direction. Becasue of his broad operating experience, he is able to see the forrest for the trees by focusing on practical yet elegant design that appeals to our client base. Having Jan on the team will drive value for any company fortunate enough to work with him.
Lyon Kassab Founder, Managing Director Bothnia Group